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I've been thinking a lot about sharing some editing tips and tricks.  I also was thinking about hosting an editing webinar or in person edit workshop after the first of the year.  This may drop on Black Friday? hint, hint.  What I love about photographing children in their imagination, but also their willingness to be in front of the camera.  There is no self consciousness, no self doubt, kids amaze me.  I love when a child is laughing, playing, being natural, but nothing beats that strong eye contact portrait.  When you can feel a child staring into your soul and baring theirs.  When you can look at a photo and instantly see the universe.  It is one thing to take a portrait and another to be able to edit it and show others how you feel when you took the photo.  I want to help YOU get there!  I've chosen a photo of my oldest daughter (I have THREE!) to share with you.  One image is SOOC, meaning straight out of camera, one is with my adjustments in ACR, adobe camera raw, and the last is the final image.  Now I may be considered lazy, I don't know, but I shoot with my white balance in auto and fix it later.  I don't feel like it makes that big of a difference to fix it in post processing and it doesn't take that much time.  Even when I shoot using Kelvin I end up adjusting it some so I figure I'll spend less time on the shoot and more time in the digital dark room if you will.  I do all my editing by hand, I do not use presets, I do not use Lightroom at all actually, and I do not use any actions, except those I have created myself.  A few things you do need to get right in camera is your exposure and your light.  Make sure and check those catchlights in your subjects eyes!!  This is what shows we are alive!!  I've edited this to have a really great fall feel to it, if you have questions, let me know.  Please leave me a little love in the comment section also.

<3 Amy


unedited child portrait red bluff ca photographer
Raw adjustments red bluff portrait photographer
fall portrait red bluff photographer