My middle child // Red Bluff Family and Child Photographer

As promised, a few from this session, and an idea for you photographers wanting a little project!  Firstly lay eyes on that adorable giggle.  Intoxicating, right?  I love photographing Nina, my middle child, because she is full of surprises every time!  My friend Cassie of C. Wolverton Photography ordered this awesome flower crown from the Floranthropist in Redding, Ca this last week.  She took photos of her daughter which you can see on her Facebook page here and then asked if I would like to try it out also.  How fun, right?  We met up on a freeway exit half way between Red Bluff and Anderson for the exchange, at that point last week the storm was rolling in.  We stood there and talked about some other shoot ideas and as we watched the storm clouds it started to sprinkle.  The sun was still peeking through a bit and it was getting low in the sky, my heart was giddy!  So I raced home and asked Nina if she would throw on the sweater I was wearing for 4 shots/poses for me.  Any momtog knows you have to limit or bribe per shot with our kids lol.  I wanted a blanket, relaxed, fall type feel to contrast the formalness (is that a word!?) of the flower crown.  I honestly don't remember what we were talking about at this moment, I wish I did!

laughter kid portrait red bluff photographer

So now to the project idea.  After I photographed Nina in the crown I passed it on to my good friend Jeny Crews to try out!  The best part is seeing how different everyone's images are using THE SAME PROP!  Just like when we host shootouts (you can join our Facebook group here) everyone's images are so different taking THE SAME SHOT!  I learn every time.  I love community over competition.  My plan is to order another crown during January and pass it through as many photographers as I can to see all the different takes on the same prop.  If you want to get in on the fun just come join our Facebook group.  Or if you want to start you own that would be awesome too, tag me on social media so I can see!  I want to share a few more portraits of Nina from the same shoot.  We shot for about 10 minutes total, I took about 30 images and these are my favorites.  

black and white portrait red bluff photographer
five year portraits red bluff photographer
As always feel free to leave some love at the bottom in the form of likes or comments, questions ok too!   <3 Amy

As always feel free to leave some love at the bottom in the form of likes or comments, questions ok too! 

<3 Amy