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So generally I photograph children in stylized type sessions, but fall and spring time are prime for family photos!  I know we all have the rush for family photos for our Christmas cards, we find the photographer, get the date set and then BOOM, we realize we have to find outfits for the whole family!!  Now, I know some of us mommies LOVE to shop and have no problem with that part!  But what about finding things that coordinate for everyone?  Mom, Dad, teens, kids, babies, and finding things that everyone won't complain about wearing....I've got a few tips for you.  My suggestion is to dress just a little fancier than you would normally.  I like a little whimsy, something bigger than your everyday, but I still want my clients to feel comfortable during our session.  I normally suggest two or three colors, making sure the tones are similar and blend in neutrals between all the family members.  A great place to start is to pick the person in your family that just gets you all laughing, the person that loves attention and maybe put that person in a pattern, or if your youngest loves dresses, put her in a fancy dress and then coordinate from there.  I've begun heavily stylizing all of my sessions.  I let clients text or message me while shopping and help pick out what colors photograph best.  Now,  what to avoid!  Busy patterns are distracting and take away from the moments captured in the photos.  Florescent colors are a big no no, they leave funky color casts on skin and tend to go too bright when photographed.  All white, believe it or not it is HARD to get white to look perfectly white!  Who wants some funky looking white?  No one.  Avoid all wearing the same thing, sorry to say it folks but the matching t-shirt and jeans trend is OUT!  Here are a few snippets from recent sessions for some inspiration!  Always keep it classy, try to look for timeless pieces so you can leave the images hung in your home for years to come. As always feel free to leave a comment or a question below! 

<3 Amy

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