Table Mountain Spring Mommy and Me // Red Bluff Family Photographer

Throwback time!  This was a model shoot that I shot last spring at Table Mountain.  Table Mountain had been on my "bucket list" for years and I just could never make it happen.  Last spring a group of local photogs decided we needed to make the shoot happen.  We recruited 5 of us and had two of them model in between shooting.  We all brought our kids and let them run around also.  Things I really enjoy about these meet ups: they are FREE, we always LEARN from each other, and our kids keep each other occupied!!!  Oh and we always get great images to exchange.  I had just gotten my new camera body at this shoot and was all sorts of crazy trying to figure out the buttons, I forgot to grab a charged battery,  and I was like four months pregnant, not the easiest way to shoot, lol.  I was able to manage getting some gorgeous photos though.  We walked out for awhile until we found this group of trees filtering the light and this little stream (or puddle)  with these little wildflowers growing.  If you have not heard of Table Mountain, you should really try and visit in spring.  It is in the Oroville, Ca area and it is public land full of rolling hills and wildflowers for miles.  We to photographed each other for a couple hours and visited and chased kids, it was a super fun afternoon.  I did not edit many images until recently, I loved them, but I just did not feel like my skill set for photoshop was right at the time.  I visited them recently and decided I needed to share.  This mommy of FOUR snuggling on her sweet babe melts my heart!  I will be offering more of this style session closer to the Red Bluff, Ca area this spring so watch for details.  :)


mommy and me red bluff photographer
portrait mommy and me red bluff photographer
mommy and baby red bluff photographer
full sun red bluff photographer